Thursday, 8 August 2013

Litti chokha recipe famous in bihar

litti and baigan bharta recipe

this recipe is awesome test and very popular in bihar but now everybody like this recipe.i hope you also like that.

cooking time:- 45 min
for 5 persons

for litti-
sattu or gram flour- 200 gm
wheat flour- 1/2 kg
chopped onoin-2 
chopped green chilli- 2
chopped garlic- 2 table of spoon
oregano- 1/2 table of spoon
refine oil- 3 table of spoon
salt to taste 
oil for deep fry

ingredients for baigan bharta-
baigan- 1 big size
tomato- 2 big size
green chilli-2
chopped garlic- 2 table of spoon
oil- 2 table of spoon
salt to taste

method for bharta-
first of all take baigan wash and apply some oil and keep it for roasting on fire.tomato also roast on fire at 10 min.remove the baigan and peel the skin with chopped this with your hand or knife.add chopped garlic and chilli add oil and salt.mix them and serve with coriander leaves.

method for litti
take sattu in a big bowl .add garlic,chilli,onion,oregano,lemon drops and salt.mix them properly feeling is ready.
now take another bowl add wheat flour add 3 table of spoon refine oil and mix them properly like you make litti with this dough and feel sattu. close with you deep fry with's ready.

                                                     by priti gupta 

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